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But kinesiology tape in particular will remain attached to the skin for 3 to 5 days without the need for reapplication. In some cases, your doctor may need to treat an underlying condition before you can consider tape therapy. Relaxing muscles after hectic schedules – After a hectic schedule of the game, the muscles get overused, for which people need to put their limbs to rest, while still having the touch of the game. Increasingly, people are getting more active and into more sports and other activities to help improve many aspects of their health. Other people who use kinesiology tape are those seeking pain management and reduced inflammation, people who work in professions that are physically taxing, and physical therapy treatment patients. How kinesiology tape works – Kinesiology tape makes it easier for your muscles to recover to a medium state, designed to work with your body and bend with your muscles to support, rather than restrict, this area. This aspect helps muscle recovering from an injury to continue performing their work without fear Top of Foot Pain KT Tape being hurt again. Clinically proven (Clinically proven for pain relief on the back, knees, and feet (plantar fasciitis), and can be used on many other body parts for muscle and joint pain relief, even chronic pain relief).

Plantar fasciitis occurs when there is excessive pressure on the ligament on the sole. They help reduce tissue pressure and provide muscle support, helping you recover faster from pain. Some have suggested that kinesiology tape improves blood flow, which is thought to then decrease lymphatic pressure and increase interstitial space, thus reducing pain; however, the mechanism behind kinesiology tape remains unclear. Use KT Tape to assist correct posture, relax overworked muscles, increase circulation, and promote the body’s natural healing process. The tape then pulls on the skin and whatever underlying joint there is beneath it as it tries to snap back to its original shape, helping keep muscles, tendons, and ligaments in proper alignment to avoid pain and to promote healing. The ductillity can be extended to 140-160% of the original length and has good flexibility. Precut kinesiology tape can also be good to have on hand for unexpected injuries that occur during sporting events or as part of a first aid kit. For precautions, most respondents considered skin reaction (51%), thin skin (25%), and impaired or altered sensation (e.g. diabetes neuropathy) as the most important to consider for potential KT application adverse events (Table 2). There is a small body of research that has directly studied the side effects and tolerability of KT among individuals with neurological disorders,72,73 cancer related lymphoedema,74,75and healthy individuals.76 The incidences of side effects (e.g. skin reaction) or intolerance reported among these studies ranged between 4% to 33%.72-77 Unfortunately, the research on KT side effects is sparse.

Powerful and durable tape – Effective skin preparation can last for several days as the latest technology. StrengthTape goes beyond the benefits of common athletic tape by infusing IonTech™ technology. It combines the benefits of both deep tissue massage therapy and hot/cold treatment to warm-up and loosen muscles (hot therapy), and relieve pain and inflammation (cold therapy). KT Tape strips can be cut and applied using the edema taping technique to help provide swelling and inflammation relief. Tennis Elbow is the common name describing the condition Lateral Epicondylitis, or inflammation of the outside portion of the elbow resulting in soreness and tenderness. Knee Pain: One of the most common issues for runners, knee pain typically stems from imbalances or weak glutes. While many brands will stress that kinesiology tape can be worn for several days at a time, we recommend wearing kinesiology tape for no longer than three days, with one day break in-between wears. Then place one strip running across the other two below the knee cap. 3) Place a finger on the surface of the skin as an anchor to hold the skin down when pulling off the tape. 2nd strip – “I”: Start anchor Measure nape of the neck past the deltoid, cut with scissors and round corners.

5. Pull the rightmost section five strip slightly while holding the base of the strip against the skin to keep it upright and out of the way. Take all the tension out on the tape as you lay it on the skin. Smooth out the tape and rub it back and forth a few times to activate the glue. Make sure to lay the removed tape on the back of the applied tape. Lay it on the skin smoothly. Lay it on the bottom of the foot without any stretch. PThe Calf and Arch Pre-Cut Spider extends from the bottom of the foot to cover the entire calf. Our calf & arch pre-cut kinesiology tape is designed to relieve pain and swelling from an acute injury and prevent re-injury. What are the Benefits of Kinesiology Taping? Does placing a piece of tape on you actually provide performance benefits? It also gently lifts the skin, promotes better blood circulation, and improves exercise performance. Among the circulatory system, muscles, the deep fascia and skin, all these structures are interleaved on top of the other and applying a force to one, ultimately influence the layers below it. Sports tapes are designed for sports with high physical requirements, such as football, basketball, swimming, or sports such as weightlifting, yoga, Golf and running.