7 Warning Signs Of Your Golf Balls Demise

TaylorMade also makes a strong line of golf balls that have produced winning results on tour. The mantle layer of the Bridgestone e6 may be why it is one of the best golf balls today and gives the golf ball a soft feel. The Bridgestone e6 golf ball is designed for amateur golfers with swing speeds between 80-95 mph who want to focus on hitting the ball straight without sacrificing a soft feel. Orginal Golf balls had feathers inside a leather cover. This type of soft shell is usually found on the best golf balls which are intended to maximize spin and feel. Enough to get the ball in the air, but not so much that the golf ball balloons or has no roll when hitting the fairway. However, if you tend to slice (or hook) the ball off of the tee and already have high ball flight, this is not the ball for you (consider the e6). The e6’s mantle reduces the spin of the golf ball off of the tee (to avoid a slice or hook) but is soft to increase feel. Not suitable for golfers with severe slice or hook problems.

This golf ball is meant for the golfer that wants to avoid sidespin off of the tee (slice), but does not want to sacrifice feel around the greens. The Bridgestone e5 golf ball is the only two piece golf ball on the market that features a urethan cover, which usually is found on high-end high-spin golf balls. The benefits of the mantle piece are evident in the e6. So are specific to the golfer who carries his clubs. This golf ball model is focused on providing the amateur golfer with a higher ball flight off of the tee without sacrificing spin around the greens. For many golfers, the key to hitting longer drives it in optimizing the trajectory of the golf ball off of the clubface. With the Bridgestone e6 golf ball, you’re getting the best of both worlds, distance and feel without unintended side spin. Essentially, getting more air under the ball so that it can fly farther. Countless amateur golfers often have trouble getting enough air under their shots, and this golf ball helps to solve that exact problem. The three pieces of this golf ball include a ‘mantle’ layer which surrounds the core, the rubber core itself, and an soft plastic cover on the outside of the ball.

Selecting a ball that is certainly perfect for that way you swing is crucial for your golf game. The shell of the Bridgestone e5 golf ball is custom made pinnacle golf balls from a hard urethane. And with nike machspeed black or polo Ralph Lauren Golf shirts you can simply ad more style to your golfing. Prices can vary a lot depending on the make and style but, realistically, there’s no reason to go over the top when buying for a child. This is a high quality premium golf ball with the performance characteristics demanded by some of the top players in the game. Ball styles above the options are almost limitless for used golf balls. It is the best golf ball on the market for straight flight, which puts it near the top of the best golf balls list. The core of the Bridgestone e5 golf ball is a large gradational core. The next place where you are likely to find affordable but top quality golf accessories is at online auction sites such as eBay. Urethane covers are less durable than surlyn covers (compare to the e6 and e7), but are preferred for players looking to get their golf ball to react on the green.

If you have a high swing speed, want to get the ball in the air, and like a super high spinning golf ball, this is the best golf ball for you. The Bridgestone e5 is definitely on of the best golf balls that you can play. Its control is not that sharp on the chips as other spinny balls. The tradeoff is more control for less distance. While this one change won’t result in massive distance gains, you can definitely add 5-10 yards while adding more control around the greens. Fast greens provide the rolling surfaces. If you’re a fast swinging low-trajectory golfer that could use a little more spin around the greens, this is definitely the golf ball for you. If you’re looking for a golf ball that spins around the greens, has soft feel and that you can shape this is the best golf ball for you. It is definitely one of the reasons we think it is one of the best golf balls right now.