Nine Things I’d Do If I would Start Once more Golf Balls

Back in 1996, Strata was the first multi-layer ball played on the PGA Tour, and now close to 80 percent of tour players have followed suit. Almost 40 percent of the balls purchased today are the cheapest options that focus on tee-shot performance only, according to Golf Datatech. Because Top Flite has a ball that spins, Titleist has a ball that hauls, and Strata, Maxfli, Taylor Made, Nike, Callaway, Precept, and Pinnacle offer more types of balls within their respective lines than you can shake a shag bag at. To protect your golf gear, such as your golf club, a golf bag golf club cover is crucial. If you’ve ever seen a fellow golfer knock it stiff from 220 yards out with a hybrid club then you are aware of how helpful they can be. The TaylorMade Project(S) ball is a two-in-one offering that will please the senior golfer looking for the ultimate ball to play and at a reasonable price.

A two-piece ball is made of rubber and plastic, and is mostly used by the casual golfer. These balls were constructed from a solid rubber core wrapped in rubber thread encased in a gutta percha sphere. Here’s a quick primer, developed by the experts, covering ball construction, compression, and materials: Solid Two-Piece – The workhorse of all balls, beginners should start here. The weather report also influences which ball to choose. Conversely, cold weather tends to harden the ball. A golf ball should be spherically with about 300 to 500 dimples that help increase their velocity while in play. We have over 30 years experience in printing golf balls and many other logo items, and our team includes PGA Professionals, who have expert knowledge, if you need help choosing your logo golf balls. You won’t need anything else! The use of golf carts is important because with it you don’t have to tire yourself pacing around the golf course when you need to fetch golf balls. Need a hand setting up your glow golf tournament? What better way to promote your business than with logo golf balls or personalized golf balls. If you require less than 12 dozen golf balls please try our personalised golf balls service (minimum order 1 dozen).

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Used to be that picking out a dozen golf balls was a cinch. If you were strapped for cash, or exhibited tendencies towards losing one or two dozen balls per round, Top Flits and Pinnacles were the way to go. Let’s face it, golf is an expensive sport – and it can be even more expensive if you’re losing two sleeves of balls every time you play. “Just because your company or website is using a particular system doesn’t mean you’re obligated to like it. Buy balls like this one! It hits that sweet spot of being affordable, playable for the better golfer, and not being lumped into the “cheap wilson golf balls golf balls” category like the Noodle above. Anyone who has used a wooden driver from the 1950’s knows that golf has undergone a huge technical revolution, better titanium clubs and soft, long balls, making super-long drives easier than ever before. The new Tour Professional model has proven to be eight yards longer off the driver than its predecessor, the Tour Professional 90. Suggested retail for the Tour Professional is $44, and $39 for the Professional Control. The tradeoff is low spin or less control for greater distance and a longer roll.

The design provides the best of both worlds – high spin. Softer balls also help in high altitudes where air is thinner and there is less resistance. A harder ball helps in high humidity or in low sea level areas, where thick air slows the ball down. The ball is slightly harder than the ProV1. In 1921, the R&A and USGA standardised the size and weight of the ball. Golf course real estate is more expensive than ever before, and the USGA has stepped-in to impose performance limits on approved golf equipment. Lets tale a closer look at how the USGA limits golf technology. We offer an exceptional service and print quality for all of our logo golf balls, with superfast lead times from only 2-5 days. This service is ideal for small orders or complicated logos or photos, as we can print full colour onto any of our logo golf balls. Our logo golf balls are printed spot colours and the full process is managed and printed here ‘in house’.

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